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Filmes brasileiros

Se você está em busca de filmes brasileiros para assistir online, talvez uma boa ideia seja visitar o site:

Essa é uma plataforma com filmes brasileiros geralmente premiados e que fizeram partes de festivais internacionais de cinema. Alguns filmes têm legendas em inglês também, mas nem todos!!.

Isso não é uma propaganda... ;) Nós recebemos o email abaixo dos organizadores dessa plataforma e achamos interessantes compartilhá-la com os alunos.

Em inglês:

If you are looking for Brazilian films to watch online, perhaps a good idea is to visit the website:

This is a platform with Brazilian films, generally awarded, and that were part of international film festivals. Some films have English subtitles too but not all of them!!.

This is not an advertisement ... ;) We received the email below from the organizers of this platform and we found it interesting to share with students.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Bom dia,


We are very happy to announce you that the Brazilian JANGADA V.O.D platform is now available in 19 countries :

You can now enjoy our large catalogue of fictions and documentaries online, from home. And in this very particular period, we make CERTAIN FILMS AVAILABLE FOR FREE !!

JANGADA was created by French and Brazilian people concerned with preserving a cultural identity in an increasingly global context. Its objective is to promote Brazilian culture in France and in the World, by organising artistic and cultural events: film festivals, concerts, photography exhibitions, painting, video installations, conferences, literary debates, professional meetings… and on developing this V.O.D platform, for everyone to discover the best of the Brazilian cinema.

Learn more about our activities on our website :


Here is as an attached file a selection of movies available on the platform.

For instance, PRAÇA PARIS (2018), from Lúcia Murat : Glória is a woman from Rio de Janeiro who tries to move on with her life despite the traumas caused by an abusive father and a drug dealer brother. She starts therapy with Camila, a young Portuguese psychoanalyst.

Cast : Grace Passô, Joana De Verona, Alex Brasil, Marco Antonio Caponi, Digão Ribeiro

We thought they might interest you.


You can explore our full catalogue on the JANGADA V.O.D website. Moreover, the Jangada V.O.D platform remains accessible throughout the year to ENJOY THE BEST OF BRAZILIAN CINEMA.

Please, share this with your network, and contact us for more information,

Hope to see you soon on JANGADA V.O.D,

Um beijo,

JANGADA's team

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