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Our interactive courses focus on spoken practice in the class and offer the chance of home activities and individual feedback on them to ensure you develop your written skills as well.


We offer small group, private and semi-private Brazilian and European Portuguese language classes for adults, for all levels during our annual programme. Courses are all online and divided into five terms per year, each of which runs for 8 weeks. 


Group classes are limited to a maximum of eight students so we are able to focus on our students' different needs and help them learn the language in a more active way.


We believe in a very well structured course with plenty of specialised material for each level. This helps the student to learn the language progressively giving them more confidence and autonomy to move from one stage to the next.

Portuguese Language Centre Learning
Portuguese Language Centre BRAZIL

Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken by approximately 250 million people around the world and it is the native language of Brazil.


Whether you would like to use Portuguese to speak with your Brazilian partner or extended family or if you are planning to visit or work in Brazil, you can benefit from our program.  

Brazilian Portuguese

European Portuguese

Portugal is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and it becomes even better when you speak the language.

If you are interested in learning Portuguese to visit Portugal, Angola or Mozambique or perhaps to talk to your Portuguese partner or friends then you can benefit from our courses.

Portuguese Language Centre PORTUGAL
European Portuguese

What to expect

  • Live classes are 75 minutes long and take place through Zoom. Classes are not recorded.

  • The classes take place once a week, for 8 weeks (10 hours tuition in total) at a cost of €165.

  • Course material is included and accessed through a learning management system(LMS).

  • Students are encouraged to communicate in Portuguese from the first day, so the classes are taught through Portuguese, with English used when needed.

  • Homework is submitted through the LMS and corrected by the teacher prior to the next class.

  • For each course our expert team selects or creates a blend of appropriate content which includes audio, video, slides, games and links to further resources.

What to expect
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