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I've been with the school for so long and couldn't recommend it highly enough. I see all the behind the scenes work and passion that goes into a school and it's clear how hard you work.

- Alice Parle

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I have been learning Portuguese with these guys for nearly 3 years with a break here and there, and cannot be happier with the teachers! They are amazing, funny, and so likeable, and I totally feel I've progressed a lot since my 1st Aula :D I am loving the online lessons and don't feel the quality of the course has dropped at all if we compare on-site classes to remote ones. Love this school! 

- Sasha Munar

I've done several courses at the Portuguese Language Centre, taught by Juliana. Foreign languages are a challenge for me, but Juliana is an excellent teacher and with her patience and encouragement I was able to make good progress. I've spent a lot of time in Brazil and Portugal over the past several years, made all the more enjoyable and useful through the Portuguese I learned at Portuguese Language Centre. And Portuguese people really appreciate estrangeiros making an effort. 

- George Hannan

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Such a wonderful centre for learning. I have been studying for the last two years and love the classes. Highly skilled teachers with a passion for what they do. Small classes mean that you receive plenty of individual input.9 Great learning materials and resources are provided and the admin team are extremely well organised and helpful. If you want to learn Portuguese, look no further!

- Bill Ahessy

I have been a student at the Portuguese Language centre for 4 years and can only highly recommend this institution.

The magic of the school resides in its teachers. They excelled at transmitting their love and passion for the language, being able to articulate the concepts of grammar while learning new vocabulary and improving your speaking abilities.

They all graduated in teaching from Universities in Portugal or Brazil.

The school also enabled me to make new friendships and engage in events outside of the classes, such as movie nights, expositions, Cultura fest, among others.

There is no better place in Dublin for learning Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese.

- Mathieu Deresmes

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Portuguese Language Centre Dublin is an excellent school for learning Portuguese. I attended a number of courses and events with Juliana and have always been happy with her style and the outcome of her work.

Juliana runs the school in a way that is enjoyable for everyone. She is a people person and this can be felt in all the classes.

I would highly recommend this school. Thanks to Juliana's classes, I have been able to develop excellent Portuguese language skills and can now consider myself fluent. She has motivated and inspired me on countless occasions. Thank you Portuguese Language Centre Dublin!

- Anna Przybylo

Excellent and professional service from the first level evaluation to class placement and progression throughout my time there. The classes followed one from the other and the nature of the small groups allowed for tailoring to each learner's needs. The mix of student profiles made for interesting and stimulating lessons and exercises/language points covered were always grounded in contexts that were relevant to our current and future needs. 

I developed my communicative ability in Portuguese very rapidly at Portuguese Language Centre, and within 4 months of starting I was able to have common conversations with native Portuguese speakers with little difficulty. Four years later, I was still coming back - the warm atmosphere and personal interest in each student's development kept the classes fresh and useful. Highly recommended!

- Liam Tyrrell

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