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Português -> Inglês - ‘False Friends’ (5 mins reading)

Do you know what the word ‘oficina’ means in português? Many people might think that ‘oficina’ sounds very similar to the English word ‘office’. But that is not what ‘oficina’ actually means.

Today let’s have a look at ‘falsos cognatos’ or ‘false friends’ - Portuguese words that look similar in English but mean something else.

Exemplos de falsos cognatos em frases:

Pretender (to intend)

Eu pretendo falar português fluentemente um dia.

(Peter left the car in the garage for the mechanic to fix the break.)

Livraria (book shop)

Anita trabalha em uma livraria no centro da cidade.

(Anita works in a book shop in the city centre.)

Parentes (relatives)

Elizabeth tem alguns parentes que moram nos Estados Unidos.

(Elizabeth has some relatives who live in the United States.)

Colégio (school - secondary or primary)

Paula e eu estudamos no mesmo colégio na nossa infância.

(Paula and I studied in the same school in our childhood.)

Lanche (snack)

Os meus colegas adoram comer um lanche no meio da tarde.

(My colleagues love to eat a snack in the middle of the afternoon.)

Oficina (garage)

Pedro deixou o carro na oficina para o mecânico consertar o freio.

(Peter left the car in the garage for the mechanic to fix the break.)

To listen to teacher and school director Juliana Menezes reading the words, please check the video in one of our social media channels. (Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation).

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