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Back to school vocabulary and 11 verbs related. (5 mins reading)

Learn the Portuguese words we use a lot in school.

How to say these words in Portuguese?

Note that there are some differences in how we say some of these words in Brazil and in Portugal.

(m) = palavra masculina / (f) = palavra feminina

1. Eraser: borracha (f)

2. Calculator: calculadora (f)

3. Ruler: régua (f)

4. Pencil: lápis (m)

5. Stapler: grampeador (Brasil) / agrafador (Portugal) (m)

6. Notebook: caderno (m)

7. Scissors: tesoura (f)

8. Backpack: mochila (f)

9. Pencil sharpener: apontador (Brasil) / afiador (Portugal) (m)

10. Glue: cola (f)

11. Pencil case: estojo (m)

11 Portuguese common related verbs

1. Apagar com a borracha.

2. Calcular com a calculadora.

3. Medir com a régua.

4. Escrever com o lápis.

5. Grampear com o grampeador. (BR) / Agrafar com o agrafador.(PT)

6. Anotar no caderno.

7. Cortar com a tesoura.

8. Pôr os materiais na mochila.

9. Apontar o lápis. (BR) / Afiar o lápis. (PT)

10. Colar com a cola.

11. Guardar os lápis de cor no estojo.

To listen to teacher and school director Juliana Menezes reading the words, please check the video in one of our social media channels. (Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation).

And follow us in one of those channels for more learning tips every week. if you like please leave a like or a comment. ;)

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