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Back to school vocabulary and 11 verbs related. (5 mins reading)

Learn the Portuguese words we use a lot in school.

How to say these words in Portuguese?

Note that there are some differences in how we say some of these words in Brazil and in Portugal.

(m) = palavra masculina / (f) = palavra feminina

1. Eraser: borracha (f)

2. Calculator: calculadora (f)

3. Ruler: régua (f)

4. Pencil: lápis (m)

5. Stapler: grampeador (Brasil) / agrafador (Portugal) (m)

6. Notebook: caderno (m)

7. Scissors: tesoura (f)

8. Backpack: mochila (f)

9. Pencil sharpener: apontador (Brasil) / afiador (Portugal) (m)

10. Glue: cola (f)

11. Pencil case: estojo (m)

11 Portuguese common related verbs

1. Apagar com a borracha.

2. Calcular com a calculadora.

3. Medir com a régua.

4. Escrever com o lápis.

5. Grampear com o grampeador. (BR) / Agrafar com o agrafador.(PT)

6. Anotar no caderno.

7. Cortar com a tesoura.