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Liz Clooney

Liz is the Managing Director of the Portuguese Language Centre and has been working with the school since August 2015.  She is responsible for the administration, finance, business planning and recruitment areas of the school and enjoys participating in the creative strategy.

Liz started her career teaching English as a foreign language in Paris where she gained  experience in the educational area while teaching a foreign language abroad. At the time she saw the future as being in online education and returned to Queen’s University Belfast to study computer science with the idea of developing an online school of English.


Life took a different turn and she worked from Paris for several years on large scale billing implementation projects in the telecoms sector, before returning to Ireland working as an IT consultant specialised in the software testing domain and management of test teams for clients including CitiBank, FBD and the Revenue.


Liz brought her IT background into play in 2020 when the Portuguese Language Centre moved online and, along with Juliana, is studying the online educational sphere to further develop the school and enhance the learning experience for our students.


Liz holds a BA in English and Philosophy and a MSc. in Computer Science and Applications.

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