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Juliana Menezes

Juliana is the academic director and founder of the Portuguese Language Centre and is an accredited Portuguese Language Teacher and Journalist. She has been teaching, researching and promoting the Portuguese language for over twenty years.

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Juliana has been living in Ireland for 15 years and has now taught more than 4000 students from over 30 different countries helping them to use Portuguese at work, in trips and in their interactions with family and friends from Brazil, Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.


She has extensive experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language to adults, having taught Portuguese in Ireland, Brazil and Australia. Here in Ireland she was a teacher in UCD, National University of Ireland - Maynooth, Marino College and several companies before realising her dream of opening her own school. Noticing the lack of material in Ireland to learn Portuguese as a foreign language, Juliana developed the Portuguese Language Centre level structure and wrote and edited the course content for all stages.


Juliana has a passion for the arts and has organised cultural events in Dublin like bilingual exchanges, book clubs and the Cultura Fest festival which she and Liz Clooney ran for 3 years with the mission to celebrate the Portuguese language and the culture of the Portuguese speaking countries, through talks, workshops, dance, food, music, cinema, theatre and exhibitions.


These days Juliana is not teaching classes but trains and coordinates the centre's teachers and supervises their creation and editing of new course materials. Outside of classroom management Juliana has various roles including creating and editing audiovisual and other content for the school’s marketing campaigns; and developing the school strategy. 


Some of her educational and personal achievements include: 

Bachelor's Degree in Portuguese language teaching - 2000;

Postgraduate in Portuguese and Brazilian Literature - 2002;

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism - 2006;

Diploma in Video and Film Production - 2010;

Fiction and academic publications - since 1996 - ongoing.

Certificate in Creative Writing - ongoing

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